Vietnam Vows to Tighten Cryptocurrency Regulation

On 11 April 2018, the Prime Minister of Vietnam signed a directive that called for the country's central bank and the Ministry of Finance to strengthen the management of cryptocurrency-related activities. The announcement came in the wake of an alleged multi-million-dollar scam perpetrated by Modern Tech Jsc.

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Proposed Changes to the Employment Act in Singapore

On 18 January 2018, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) began a public consultation to gather feedback on its proposed changes to the Employment Act (Chapter 91) (Employment Act) in Singapore. The proposed changes seek to strengthen the protection of employees and to streamline the dispute resolution processes for employment-related disputes.

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Singapore Competition Watchdog Gains New Powers to Protect Consumers

On 1 April 2018, the Competition Commission of Singapore became the administrator of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (CPFTA). To reflect this change, the Commission was renamed the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS). The CPFTA is the predominant legislation for the protection of consumers against unfair trade practices in Singapore. The CCCS sees its expanded portfolio as reinforcing its mission of "making markets work well for the benefit of both consumers and businesses in Singapore".

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