Singapore International Commercial Court Decides First Case Involving Digital Tokens

The Singapore International Commercial Court has decided the nation's first case featuring digital tokens. In B2C2 Ltd v Quoine Pte Ltd, the SICC found that Quoine, a Singapore-based digital token exchange operator, committed breach of contract and breach of trust when it reversed seven trades worth about S$16.5 million that were executed under unusual circumstances by B2C2, an algorithmic trader.

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Singapore PDPC Issues Data Portability Discussion Paper

Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission, in collaboration with the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore, issued a discussion paper on data portability. Data portability is the right of individuals to obtain copies of their data from companies that hold them and to instruct those companies to transmit their data to other companies. The Paper is intended to provide a framework for discussions of the effects and operational considerations related to data portability, with a view to informing future consultations concerning Singapore's potential adoption of a data portability right.

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