Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property services cover: 

  • Intellectual property protection strategies

  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights 

  • Licence agreements

  • Sponsorship agreements

  • IP assignment and transfer agreements

  • Domain name disputes

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of modern companies.  Brands, technology, content, and know-how all represent enormous investments.  Preserving the value of intangible assets and optimally exploiting their commercial value are keys to success for many businesses. 

We can help you analyse your intellectual property portfolio, devise a strategy to protect it with the right mix of IP rights, and help with the task of applying for registration of your rights by coordinating with our international associates. 

We can also help you leverage your IP portfolio to achieve your business objectives.  We will work with you to strike the right balance between rigorous protection and ease of doing business and prepare clear, straightforward documentation for use with your customers and business partners.  We have extensive experience in advising our clients on how to commercialise and create value in IP in a strategic way.