EU is currently drafting a European Space Law that aims to harmonise the existing legislations on regulating the use of outer space. The draft is expected to be shared by the second half of 2024.


EU Space Law in the Works

April 18, 2024

The European Union (EU) is currently drafting an EU Space Law that is widely expected to harmonise the 11 existing national space laws in Europe. The draft, initially expected to be released by the end of March 2024, has been delayed until after the European Parliament elections in June.

Commissioner Thierry Breton, the European Commission’s Commissioner for the Internal Market, has outlined 5 priorities that will be addressed in the draft EU Space Law:

1. a true EU Single Market for space, by setting a common framework for the safety, resilience and sustainability of space activities (e.g., standards for space systems, anti-collision, deorbiting and cyber security risk management);

2. access to space, by boosting demand for, and innovation in, launch services and investing in ground infrastructure;

3. protection of space systems through new capacities, by monitoring and detecting potential threats and developing in-space services;

4. defence dimension of space, by using space services to support defence and security; and

5. commercialisation of space, by developing a market for, and investments in, the space industry.

The EU Space Law will apply to non-EU companies that conduct business in the EU.

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